How's your sleep?

My 7 Essential Tips to Stop Insomnia

Lots of people suffer at some stage with insomnia. Of course a big culprit is STRESS!!! However, if you’re a light sleeper like me, then perhaps these practical tips might help (it’s my nightly routine!)

  • Make sure that your bedroom is dark enough. Block out curtains are inexpensive and stop any street or security lighting from keeping you awake.

  • Stop using your smart phone, tablet and laptop before bed. These devices give off blue light, which triggers the pineal gland to stop making melatonin, the hormone which helps us to sleep. Also avoid getting involved in a tense TV drama, watch something mind numbing instead!! Place iPhone as far away as possible in room – you still might need to hear the alarm.

  • Give thanks, gratitude for what has been. When your head hits the pillow say these words: ‘As this day ends I am grateful for every experience that has come my way today’. I like to give thanks for even the smallest things.

  • Use some essential oils. If not settled try a dab of lavender essential oil around your temple area or rub some on bottoms of your feet. Take some Emergency Essence drops to help calm your nervous system (Australian Bush Flower Essences) if you feel you need something stronger.

  • Avoid eating too close to bed. Eating can give you a boost of energy, and so eating close to bedtime can actually give you energy when you are trying to relax for sleep. It’s best not to eat anything at least 2-3 hours before bed.

  • Limit caffeine consumption. What did you eat and drink for the day? Remember to: drink coffee in the mornings only or not at all; have your chocolate fix mid-afternoon and no later if you need one; substitute ice cream for unsweetened yoghurt at night if you think you still might be hungry, or rather, have a glass of milk instead – a good old fashioned remedy!

  • Get plenty of regular exercise. Exercise by itself is a great stress reducer, but those who exercise regularly also typically sleep better. Avoid exercising within 2-3 hours of bedtime, because exercise can also energize you as well and so you want to avoid it too close to bedtime!

Sweet dreams – I’d like to hear if this has been helpful for you.

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