Clay Therapy

I am passionate about the therapeutic value of clay for myself and for my clients.

I use this medium for my own personal development and healing. Each piece is a record of my inner life experiences.

 “The attraction of clay lies in its capacity to capture experience as it emerges in the immediacy of the moment from the client’s body, and in the surprising and often powerfully evocative forms it arouses in the client’s consciousness.” (The Healing Art of Clay Therapy, by Patricia Sherwood)

By allowing yourself to connect with the clay, magic happens! Clay has the capacity to absorb and express what we are feeling - no words are needed, no skills are needed.

This is my meditative practice! Creating pieces from clay allows me to engage in the moment, be still and connect as I mould, squeeze, press and allow forms to appear and disappear. My attention is completely absorbed in the now. 



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